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Auto Resume Broken File Uploader

Auto Resume Broken File Uploader With Progress Bar

Internet connection broken is the very common problem with of all us. When clients are upload large (GBs size) file via web page, they need uninterrupted internet connection supply. If internet connection breaks, then need to re-upload file. and if internet connection breaks many times during uploading, then clients need to upload the file many times again and again and so on.

So I have invented this "Auto Resume Broken & Progress Bar File Uploader" without using any third party or DLL file.

By this uploader upload Unlimited GBs file without fear of internet connection break. Also I have added another Fast/Slow send Bytes speed, whatever depends on your internet connection. Suppose you have slow connection, you can set slow send bytes on the other hand if you are having fast connection set fast send bytes.

Auto Resume Broken File Uploader

User not need to stay on computer screen and do other work. I have created these uploader in many technologies(JSP/SERVLET, PHP, ASP.NET) and many flavors.

Probably I’m not allowed to post the source code in public, so I’m just going to show you it's screenshot that how can achieve it from webpage.