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Configure codeigniter in wamp 2.5

If you are a PHP Developer the WAMP is a good environment. You can do the things easily with WAMP.. You can download WAMP from it's website. Recently WAMP have made many changes, in past WAMP version you simply web ste in the "www" folder and eailsy open the site. For example:
While working on codeigniter with wamp server you just past the codeigniter project directory to the wamp server "D:\wamp\www" folder. but if you have the wamp server 2.5 then your project will not work. means wrong path will shown in the browser .
But recent version of WAMp have made many changes so your site will not open. So what waht made to open website with recent WAMP? in the other words How to configure PHP website or codeigniter in wamp 2.5 ?

open "index.php" file which under "www" folder
and find the statement "$suppress_localhost=true"
and change it as below: