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Youtube upload error while upload video occurred in Google.GData.Client.dll


While working with Google.GData.YouTube Api to upload video from your computer system to own youtube account you can get the error as below:

"An unhandled exception of type 'Google.GData.Client.GDataRequestException' occurred in Google.GData.Client.dll"
"Additional information: Execution of request failed:"


This is occurs when you want to upload large file so set timeout of  YouTubeRequest and YouTubeRequestSettings to high.
Also set the correct MIME-TYPE of your video, otherwise you can get the same error.
for example if you want to upload flv file then it's mime type is "video/x-flv".


Below is the c# code:

YouTubeRequestSettings ytrs = new YouTubeRequestSettings("applicationName", "Key", "", "password");
YouTubeRequest ytr= new YouTubeRequest(ytrs );
((GDataRequestFactory)ytr.Service.RequestFactory).Timeout = 9999999;
ytrs .Timeout = -1;