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FTP problem in Reliance Jio sim internet

How to fix FTP problem in Reliance Jio sim internet.

When Reliance Jio 4G LTE Network scheme is a very good scheme for Digital India. We should give thanks to Reliance and Mukesh ambani that he gave us free Internet and voice pack for 6 months. Hope he will extend it for 1 year.

I am a Software developer and I am very happy with Jio 4G LTE Network internet speed. But when I connected FTP then My FTP FileZilla software stuck and not connected with FTP server.

So I was not able to download a file and upload coding files when using Reliance Jio 4G LTE Network internet server.

When I faced this problem I have changed my FTP setting in my system and it worked.
Listed below attached image; wher you can find the solution.

You need to change General setting FTP client while creating FTP connection  in below section.
Encryption to "Only use plain FTP(insecure)"

For better understanding  please see below image:
FTP problem in Reliance Jio sim internet
FTP problem in Reliance Jio sim internet

load images using JavaScript

Another way to load images using JavaScript

When you write code in JavaScriputer system.
Below is the another way to load images from JavaScript code.

<img src="" data-src="">
function initS() {
    var myimg = document.getElementsByTagName('img');
    for (var i=0; i<myimg.length; i++) {
        if(myimg[i].getAttribute('data-src')) {
setTimeout("initS();", 20000);

connect On of OFF.

$(...).flexslider is not a function jquery flexslider not working

Are you facing JavaScript flexslider error "$(...).flexslider is not a function" or jquery flexslider not working?

If jquery flexslider is not working or showing error in console ""$(...).flexslider is not a function". 

If you do not want to see this error "$(...).flexslider is not a function" then use one instance of jquery.js file and keep in mind do not use defer or async keyword in below 3 files:

1- jquery.js

2- jquery.flexslider-min.js

3- jquery.prettyPhoto.js --> *if you are also using this file.

add comment in shopify

How to add comment in shopify

Using comment and endcomment tag you can add any one line multiple lines comments in Shopify code. below is the example:

{% comment %}

This is the comment in shopify

and this will not execute by shopify server because this is comment.

{% endcomment %}

Shopify cache issue

Shopify Cache issue

You wondering that while working with Shopify e-commerce site code; your changes are not immediately showing; even your way of change code is right and there are no any error in your code.

No worry and no problem, it is not your fault or not your code issue. this is the issues with Shopify CDN cache. Normally Shopify clear his CDN cache files with in 3 to 4 hours to 1 day; but in some time it could be extends up to 3-4 days also(according to Shopify files). so wait till 4 days. After 4 days you will see your changes.

Failed to parse the output of adb version

Failed to parse the output of adb version

If you are getting this below error message while compiling Android code:

"Failed to parse the output of 'adb version': standard output was: error output was:
ADB not responding. If you'd like to retry, then please manually kill "adb.exe" and click 'Restart'"

The solution of this error; it is the time to reinstall your Operating system and then install latest version of Android IDE.

Load mp4 file

How to load .mp4

below is few lines of code:

<video width="640" height="480" controls>
  <source src="4.mp4" type="video/mp4">
   Your browser does not support the video tag.

Another way to load JavaScript

Another way to load JavaScript

There are another way to load Javascript file in any page. use below code to load Js file.

<script type="text/javascript">
function dhtml5() {
var eh= document.createElement("script");
eh.src = "a1.js";